Our Services

Assets Recovery

With the help of our asset recovery services, you can get the most out of underutilized or end-of-life equipment. We can assist you in selling off your excess stock for the highest possible return, regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, network operator, retailer, or dealer. Our knowledgeable liquidation team offers one-stop solutions that properly and logistically dispose of excess, refurbished, and end-of-life assets. We create creative and ethical ways to redistribute your products and optimize your recovery value by utilizing our robust global partnerships. Our market-leading asset recovery services take care of your demands, generate income from unwanted assets, and advance your business objectives—all without leading to unintended losses or raising operating costs.


We work with reputable industry affiliates through our extensive global network to deliver you the products you require to satisfy consumer demand and expand your company. We are able to provide you with a complete selection of new, refurbished, and end-of-life wireless phones, accessories, and tablets thanks to our supply chain and asset recovery services.

Recycling Services

OUR RECYCLING SERVICES HELP YOU EXTRACT THE MAXIMUM VALUE FROM IRREPARABLE DEVICES THROUGH A VARIETY OF INDUSTRY-LEADING METHODS. Certificate Of Destruction E-waste Recycling Plastic Recycling Circuit Board Reclamation Universal Waste Recycling – Batteries Paper Recycling Please responsibly recycle electronics at the end of their life. Click to view our Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Data Sanitization

Unless the customer specifies otherwise in writing, Phonesmart FZCO sanitizes, purges, or destroys data on hard drives and other data storage devices. We complies the policies of management of end-of-life data storage devices, and destruction. Phonesmart FZCO records its data destruction procedures, and personnel who work with it are regularly trained appropriately and tested for proficiency in handling data deletion. An

Grading and Policies

All our phones are classified and categorized in grades.

Rapid Deliveries

We make sure our deliveries are fast, rapid and carefully packed.

Our Process


Using our various sources around the globe, we buy our phones in bulk amount proving our consistent supply chain. With diversity in our purchases and follow up on latest technology trends, our standings in market are at the top.


Received devices are completely formatted as per R2 Standards. Our inspection team then pops in to classify the phones and serialized them accordingly. Phones are then carefully cleaned and minor repairs are made making the phones as good as new. The QA team then assures that each unit is working perfectly and needs our customer standards. The units are then carefully packaged and graded based upon several conditions.

Resale and Shipping

Once all the process and grading is complete, each device is kitted and packed (with accessories if required by the customer) and made ready to be shipped.